Petit a Petit BLOCK PARTY!!!



Whoo hoo as LMFAO says: 

Party rock, yeah, woo, let’s go
Party rock is in the house tonight
Everybody just have a good time
And we gon’ make you lose your mind
Everybody just have a good time  …  cause Little cumquat is in the house rocking it with Petit a Petit tonight!!! 

Oh yeah, it’s  my turn on the block today and we’re going to have a SPLASHING fun time!


As summer approaches here down under, heading to the beach or pool to cool down is a must, especially when temperatures soar into mid 30s (celcius). So having several swimsuits is an essential necessity which is why  the  Azur reversible swimsuit from Petit a Petit is perfect!

Being fully reversible you can make your swimsuit go the extra mile which is exactly what we did when we headed to the coast for a long weekend away. Why bring two swimsuit when one can do the job? (Plus it’s less laundry and luggage space … not that a swimsuit takes make luggage space LOL)


Aside from the fact that it is reversible, what I LOVE LOVE LOVE about the swimsuit is the super cute bum shape and coverage (don’t you agree?) and the fit was spot on for her!



For the straps,  I opted for the criss cross back rather than a halter neck becasue I like the details of it plus I was using different fabrics for each side of the straps so wanted to make a feature out of it.


Becasue it does get quite hot here and the UV can be strong, I also made little miss a Fishtail kimono from Chalk and Notch as a cover up in a super soft digitial chiffon fabric.


Little miss had a blast playing in the sun in her Azur swimsuit and I can’t wait to make some more for her to splish splash in!

If you would like to join me in making the Azur, or any of the Petit a Petit patterns then take advantage of the 20% off  discount with the code ‘BLOCKPARTY’. The code works for ALL  Petit a Petit pattern  throughout the month of November.

What’s also exciting is that you have a chance to win ALL of the Petit A Petit Patterns simply by clicking on this Rafflecopter giveaway to enter.

Now …Get up, get down, Put your hands up to the sound and start shufflin’ over to these awesome ladies who will keep you moving and groovin’ rockin’ and a rollin for the rest of the month:

Nov. 1st – Sweetkm | Nov. 2nd – The Sara Project | Nov. 3rd – La Folie | Nov. 4th – Hello Holli | Nov. 5th – Chalk and Notch | Nov. 6th – Sewing Like Mad | Nov. 7th – Beatnik Kids | Nov. 8th – Stitched Together | Nov. 9th – Coffee and Thread | Nov. 10th – Made by Toya | Nov. 11th – Stahlarbeit | Nov. 12th – Lily en Woody | Nov. 13th – My Petite Sophie | Nov. 14th – Handmade Frenzy | Nov. 15th – Paisley Roots | Nov. 16th – While she was sleeping | Nov. 17th – My Cozy co | Nov. 18th – A Jennuine Life | Nov. 19th – Knee Socks and Goldilocks | Nov. 20th – Sanae Ishida | Nov. 21st – Little Cumquat | Nov. 21st – Needle and Ted | Nov. 22nd – Gaafmachine | Nov. 23rd – Craftstorming | Nov. 24th – Made by Sara | Nov. 25th – Buzzmills | Nov. 26th – Bartacks and Singletrack | Nov. 27th – Moineau & Petit Pois | Nov. 28th – Naii | Nov. 29th – Just Add Fabric | Nov. 30th – Mie Made Memories | Enjoyful Makes | Dec. 1st – Petit a Petit and Family

13 thoughts on “Petit a Petit BLOCK PARTY!!!

  1. Oh WOW, Thao!! You have blown me away — AGAIN — with your genius. I love the Azur fabric combination and the fit is perfect on your girl. And that Fishtail Kimono goes so well with it!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my! Your azur is AMAZING! Love the fabric choices and how cute is your daughter! Thank you so much for being on the tour, it’s been fun partying with you! ❤


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