Petit a Petit After Party and Friday dress Release

Wow … the Block party ended up rocking into December with an awesome After party line up which I’m crashing on the last day LOL. And what better way to crash a party than rocking up in style and be BOLD and BRIGHT wearing a fancy new Friday dress which also happened to launched this week!!


Since I wanted it to be bold and bright, I chose this gorgeous textured fabric with cut out gauze with weaving through it!!  However I did stumble when I went to cut into it. Which was the right side? Is there a right and wrong side? Does it matter? Hmmm, could you tell which side I ended up using?

The Friday dress comes with plenty of options like Celina’s entire gorgeous patterns. For my version, I decided to go with a combination of Option A and D.


I didn’t realise (because I obviously didn’t read the instructions beforehand) that this combination included an invisible side zip till I started sewing. I was going to cheat and forgo the zipper since I was in a hurry, I wanted to get to this after party but my mum had other ideas …

Mum: uhmmm … what do you mean don’t worry about the zipper? How will she put on the dress?

Me: There’s buttons at the front mum

Mum: Derrr (okay maybe she didn’t use quite that word but close enough) … what about getting it pass her bum?

Me: She’s small mum, she can fit it, and it’s a loose fitting dress

Guess who won this conversation?  Yep, mum did and the zip was sewn on as per the pattern. Just so you know, she can squeeze into the dress without undoing the zipper 😉

In the end, the only change I made to the dress was the back pleat. Instead of sewing an inch down as per the pattern, to make sure the pleat stayed in place due to the nature of my fabric, I sewed the pleat all the way down.


I love how the dress turned out and the sew was not difficult. Everything matched perfectly and the instructions were detailed and beautifully drafted. I especially love how cute the dress looked with the rounded collar.


I was so excited trying it on little miss until she complained that the dress was scratchy. WHAT??? What do you mean scratchy??? The fabric so soft and smooth, I don’t get it? So I slip the sleeve on and oh, I felt it, the gauze edges!! What am I to do? Added satin binding to all edges of course!! Yep, might as well go all the way and cover everything and BINGO, we have a winner!!!

Phew, now that the drama has been eliminated, on with the party “cause I got that sunshine in my pocket, got that good soul in my feet” and I’m ready to dance dance dance in this fun and sassy dress!


“So just imagine, just imagine, just imagine” you wearing the Friday dress too and you can, so get your copy of the Friday Dress this week on UPCRAFT. It’s 25% off today only.  It will be available from the Petit a Petit shop as of Friday.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the 20% off all patterns in the shop with the code BLOCKPARTY  till midnight sunday December 11th 2016.

Finally, have fun checking out the other After Party goers blogs:

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Okay, later people, I’m off to rest after all this partying!

6 thoughts on “Petit a Petit After Party and Friday dress Release

  1. Phew, that was a bit of a challenge you were presented with! And of course you pulled through with flying colors. So impressed with the satin binding ❤ That's good to know about the side zip (it wouldn't have worked with my daughter, haha). Thanks for staying for the After Party!!

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