One Thimble Issue 14: Loli dress & LaLa skirt

OT14 cover and stand alone collage.jpg

Happy Valentines Day everyone! How appropriate that I should be doing my review of my favourite e-magazine One Thimble on such a special day (Feb 14 – for issue 14). I absolutely love the Boho theme in this issue and these two patterns (though I do love the others as well):

Loli top & dress

When I first saw the Loli, I knew I wanted to sew this up. I adore the simple elegance of the style with the featured yoke and straps. The top/dress has options for a standard straps or spagetti (I opted for the spagetti cross over straps as I like the sweet daintiness of it) and you can choose between a button back closure or elastic.

dress-2I was tossing up between sewing a top or dress and after much (self) debate, I decided on a dress. I figured, we are  going into Autumn soon (though it’s hard to believe with the heat we’re currently experiencing) and I wanted this to last till next spring/summer so if she does grow a few inches between now and then, the dress can become a top … good thinking hey? dress 3.jpgdress 1.jpgFor this dress, I decided to use my precious Liberty of London fabric. I thought the sweetness of the dress and the fabric matches perfectly. Don’t you agree?

The dress is meant to be a retro length but because I wanted to add a touch of vintage lace for detailing, I extended the hemline to have the lace inserted in between. close-upI just love how the Loli dress turned out and so does Lil miss. Now let’s switch gear from sweet and dainty to fun and glamourous.

Lala skirt 

For the Lala skirt, I had this great plan in my head of using bridal tulle with soft ostrich feathers layered in between. The visualisation looked great in my head until I came to making it. Let’s just say, it didn’t quite go to plan and I scrap that idea and started again.

Looking for some inspiration, I searched through my stash of fabrics and came across this gorgeous dress fabric (though I can’t remember where I bought it from). This was perfect with it textured pleating and shimmer, it would totally rock as a fun party skirt.close up skirt .jpg

Love the shimmer of the fabric  when the sunlight shines on it

The skirt cuts up fairly quickly (which is a win in my eyes) and the instructions was easy to follow with detailed photos for visuals like me. Since there is 5 layers of ruffles, I decided to break it up by using the wrong side of the fabric for contrasting effect. Yes, I do have a tendency to use the wrong side of the fabric (now that I come to think of it LOL)

Like the dress, the skirt came together fairly quickly especially when using a gathering foot (heheh) and with the elastic waist makes the fit easily adjustable.Lil miss had so much fun twirlying and dancing around to see the ruffles bounce. skirt-5skirt-3skirt-2 So I can safely say, both patterns are a hit and you can get them either as individual patterns from One Thimble or better yet, buy the whole e-magazine and get: GET 10 PATTERNS (worth $90+) + ARTICLES + DISCOUNT VOUCHERS for only $25 AUD.

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