My flamingo Timpe tee

So I must have a thing for birds without realising it… first it was my Farrah blouse which was a red ostrich that I thought was a flamingo and now, a knit Timpe tee  (which is a German pattern from Schneidermeistern that has been translated to English and is available from Naeh-connection and is on sale till Friday 28 April) in a coral flamingo. Yes, I’m 99% sure it’s a flamingo this time loltimpe 4I’ve been saving this pretty Bambiblauw French Terry which I bought from Maaidesigns (though this print is sold out, there are some other really pretty French terry prints that is still available) for something that will sing out to me and whoa la, this was it. As this is more of a boxy style knit top, I wanted a fabric that had a bit of hold to keep the shape and french terry was perfect for it. timpe backBefore cutting into my ‘good’ fabric, I did sew up a plain grey french terry version to test the size and fitting since I don’t have a lot of experience at including seam allowance (which you need to do for the pattern) to help me determine my fit and size. Don’t be scared of adding seam allowance, it’s actually quite easy to do with this top.Timpee 2For this version, I size down from a 38 to 36 and I didn’t include seam allowance for the hemline or sleeve since I am a shorty (but great things comes in small packages *smiley face*) to be true to the look of this pattern and I’m so please with how it all came together. The fit is comfortable and the boat neck along with 3/4 sleeve gives this a nice timeless casual feel that would serve as a staple for the wardrobe.

I’m already thinking of a couple more of these tops and have my eye on these fabrics:





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