Miss Aiko top is more than a casual top

Want a fast sewing woven top that you can dress up or down when you need to whip up something real quick? Well that’s exactly what I did with my Miss Aiko top.

Like my Timpe Tee, this is a German translated to English pattern available from Naeh-connection and the style is very similiar in that they both feature a boat neck and boxy body except this is in woven and the sleeve is slightly different.Aiko white 1I really liked the style of Miss Aiko when I first saw it and so of course had to sew one up. However, my first one didn’t quite work out. I stuffed up my seam allowance measurement (that’s what you get doing it late at night and not marking the size on the pattern piece when it’s multiple sizes) and so the bicep area was a little snug. Don’t worry, I didn’t throw the top out, it will be salvage into another top soon (or when I get to it lol)!

I should also mention I have beefy arms – so if you are as ‘fortunate’ as I am, then I suggest measuring your bicep and measuring the pattern piece to ensure it’s the right fit then add your seam allowance. Aside from that, everything else came together super quick. Don’t believe me, well it’s true. aiko whiteYou see, I wanted to make another top so I can wear to Luna Park with the kids and hopefully get some nice pics for this blog, so that morning I quickly cut up my second top in a white embroidered border cotton to wear with my jeans. You can never have enough white top right? It’s essential! Then while the kids were getting ready, I sewed up my top and it was done and dusted within 30 mins.  Though I did omit the optional front pockets not because I ran out of time but because I wanted to show off the embroidered hemline.

After wearing my Miss Aiko and realising how comfy it is, I had to make another one. This time, I wanted to dress it up a bit, give it an edgier look and being a simple clean cut style, it was easy to do when paired with bold statement fabrics. You see, I saw this ‘I spy you baby’ print on Tessuti instagram’s page I knew it would be perfect for this top. I love the colour, the feel and especially the vibrant abstract art deco design.

Aiko 2

aiko 1You may have noticed that the neckline is a little smaller in this version in comparison to my white one, that’s because I did take it in a fraction but that’s the only change I made. I just love how fun this top is and see so many more possibilities so why don’t you give it a try, too!

Till next time, have fun creating xx

3 thoughts on “Miss Aiko top is more than a casual top

  1. Okay, you’ve convinced me that I need to hurry up and make this pattern! And thank you for the fit tips — I will definitely be measuring my “strong” arms (I’m fortunate, too, HA!) before cutting into my fabric. I love that pretty white top, and I LOVE that second print one, too!!

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